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Vincent A.
My Girl Freind


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Thats Ma Bunny...!!!

Name: Amanda
Age: -
HomeTown: Txs/Dallas

Yep thats my bunny, and u can say my future wife... hehehe
I love her so much we've been togather for 5 month and still going up for more... We share a lot togather and I do mean A LOT hehehe... She helped me get through a lot of shit in my life and shes nice to me thats why I love her and Ill keep loving her no matter what!!! and I do mean it baby... Love and peace forever...

Keep your smile alive.
It is like the sun.
No one, nothing, can live without the sun.
Your smile is as bright and as sweet as the sun.
So if it fades, so does many things.
Keep your smile alive, so i can smile.