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Vincent A.


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Shit I got lots of freinds I dont know where to start, Oh well Ill just give it a try, and if I forgot to say ur name please email me...

1- Granist01: His my best freind, I met him in grade 8, and
were still best frinds.

2- WeedAss: Where I get all my weed from.

3- SinA: The coccaine dude.

4- WTB: Maybe the only one I trust.

5- A.A: My nigga.

6- K.A: My man.

7- BF: GRRR I dont know what to say about him.

8- D.C: My nigga.

9- Z.M: A "good" freind that Ill never forget.

10- Davey Rootbeer: My new freind, his cool too.

11- J.W: Rest In Peace Brother.

12- A.?: Rest In Peace Nigga.

More to come soon... If I forgot ur name please E-mail me and Ill put it up...

For all my homies that'll never be alive again
All they promised us is death nigga
take a breath could be the last one left nigga
its real now, uh
feel it and fantasies
ain't nothing colder