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Vincent A.
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Dec 29th- 2001: My Profile is up, go sign my guest book
please, nothing much happend today cept I got lost in DownTown. How fun??? Anyways Peace.

Dec 30rd- 2001: Nothing much, still working on my profile and shit, go sign the damn guest book.

Dec 31- 2001: Nothin fuckin new, the stress gettin major, life is boring nothin new, nothin to do, fucked up life... Happy new year!!!??? I dont know is it gonna be happy or fucked again, let time decide that, in the mean time fuck u all, kiss my ass. I love u Amanda happy new year.

Jan 1st- 2002: Happy New MotherFuckin Year.... Umm nothin new still workin on this profile, and still going out with my baby Amanda, and I still love her soooo much, and everything else is pretty cool, cept for school starts monday and its my new school so fuck peace again, fuck u all, kiss my ass and get the fuck outa here... Peace

Jan 2nd- 2002: Got my pistols cocked, run the whole motherfuckin block, fuck the cops, we run the streets nigga heh, anyways nothing new cept I got my new gun today and umm I still love my bunny "Amanda" and everything else is coo, Peace...

Jan 3rd- 2002: Nothing new... No new updates so just sign the damn guestbook and shutup.. I love u Amanda. Peace

Jan 4th- 2002: Nothing much, school starts at monday... I just finished Tekken 3!!! damn it was so hard, and now im tryin to finish DOA 3!!!... Anyways, peace all, I love u Amanda, later.

Jan 5th- 2002: I got this old poem on my profile section, and umm if u got time sign my guestbook, and ill keep adding new poems to my profiel section, Amanda I love u baby ^.^, k later all peace.

Jan 6th- 2002: School tomorrow, NOOOO, damn, damn, damn, fuck u all, its ur fault, motherfuckers, damn damn damn, and its my new schoot too, DAMNNNNN, motherfuckers,.. Anyways fuck u all, peace.

Jan 7th- 2002: NEW SCHOOL, HOW BORING, I hate u all, fuck u all, I love only Amanda ^.^, and umm what else, nothin else, bye.

Jan 8th- 2002: SIGN THE FUCKIN GESTBOOK MOTHERFUCKAS, nothing new on this fuckin site, so get the fuck outa here, if u people didnt fuckin sign my fuckin guestbook i wont fuckin add any new fuckin shit for u fuckin people, shut the fuck up all y'all and get the fuck outa here, mothafuckas, fuck u all.

Jan 9th- 2002: AAAAA Ummm Hmmmm, im still getting money, and making dummies out the police, smoking 24-7, everyday drinking, mo money, mo bitches "sorry amanda, i dont mean anything by that", mo murder fool, Is there a heaven for a G? And if there is, will I finally get to be at peace? On these streetz ain't no peace, WELL anyways, nothing fuckin new, and umm if u didnt sign my guestbook yet, u better do it, cause if u didnt, Ill hunt u down motherfucker... anyways later peace.

Jan 11th- 2002: I LOVE U AMANDA, nothin new on this site, im too lazt to do anything right now, mayber after i beat FF10 ill have more time for this crap, fuck u all, go sign my damn guestbook and get the fuck outa here. BTW didnt u notice this section got nothing to do with todays news!!!!