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Final Fantasy VII.
Limit Breaks!!


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Where do they come from?
How can get you them?
Do you now how?

Im still workin on this page.

I will help u get all Limit breaks in no time:
I'll start with my favourite character then with my 2, 3.. favourite characters.


1- Vincent Valentine.
(The coolest character in the whole game he got the best limite breaks, weapons, and everything else) and he can fly too, do u think Cloud could fly? I dont think so!!!

Vincent's Limit Breaks are:
(Level l limit break)
When u find "Vincent" in the Shinra Mansion he'll come with u and start the game with limit break. Its a powerful limit break at the beginning of the game. What does it do?
"Vincent" morphs into an ugly blue monster and he begins killing enemies. You have no control over him he just fight with his own.
Galian's beast skills:
a) Berserk Dance (Light damages(weak), Never misses)
b) Beast Flair (Heavy damages, Fire type damage to all)
Good: Damages to enemies: 30-50 % and 30% higher HP max.
Bad: You have no control over Vincent.

(Level 2 limit break)
(Vincent must kill exactly 60 enemies to gain this limit break)
Death Gigas's skills:
a) Gigadunk (No it's not a Basketball dunk)
b) Livewire (Is a lightning attach which is better then a fire attack -The one Galian have- hit 50-60% at the beginning. (I mean when u first get it because the enemies will get stronger and stronger at the end)
- Double HP.
- His attacks do about 50% more damages then Galian beast.
- Very weak and slow against magic.
- Does not get to attach as much as Galian beast does.
- You have no control over him.

2- Tifa Lockhart:
Tifa is the second favourite character, (don't ask why!). If you know how to use her you'll see that she is much better than Cloud and Barret. She got 7 limit breaks, 2 to each level except 1 to lvl 4, and I'll explain all of them.

(Level 1):
A) Beat Rush.
She begins the game with this limit break, it's not that bad but still it's weak comparing
to anyone's first limit break. The only difference between this limit break and her normal attach
is maybe only 20-25 more hit points and the red glowing around her hand.
Good: ------
Bad: Too weak.

B) Somersault.
To get this limit break you must use Beat Rush eight times, so it's not hard, just but Tifa at the front
and the rest of the party at the back, so she will get most of the enemy hits and will use beat rush eight times.
This limit break is not that better than the one before she will only have tow slots this time to chose from
and that means the first limit break + this one will do more damages to the enemy.
Good: AAA-----
Bad: AAA everything.

(Level 2):
A) Water Kick.
Tiff must kill 80 enemies to gain this limit break. not hard just use her a lot and you will get it fast.
This limit break is a low kick type of attack, its slightly better than the one before, but remember combining these
3 limit breaks will make Tiff a powerful member in the party.
Good: Kick.
Bad: Water.

B) Meteodrive.
Tifa must use Water Kick eight times to gain this limit break. Cool effects, plus it a powerful attach
you can get 4 (yeah) in the slots and no way the weak poor enemy will live after it.
Good: Cool effects, best looking limit break that Tifa does for me.
Bad: All most the same hit damage as Water kick.

(Level 3):
A) Dolphin Blow.
The worst attack and the dumbest idea for limit breaks, Tifa must kill 80 more enemies to get this
pathetic limit break, but you can combine it with the others to get a better damages to the enemy.
Good: Blow.
Bad: Dolphin Blow.

B) Metor Strike.
Tifa must use her dump dolphin 8 times to gain this limit break, oh!! this one is hard to get because
her fighting dolphin is hard to get, so ur best strategy is to put Tifa at the front and let her take
most of the damages and her jerky dolphin will come by.
Good: Kind of powerful.
Bad: Weak to a lvl 3 limit break.

(Level 4)
Final Heaven.
Oh this one is hard to get just follow me and you will get it
1- U should make a party of 3 characters Cloud, Tifa, (and one of your choice).
2- Go back to Tifa's house at Nibelheim and then go to her room and use the piano.
3- Remember the music that cloud played when he came here in the past with Seph. U should play the exact same music
and you will get the special item, give it to Tifa at the manu and she will learn it, that's it. Here's the note
for the music if you forget it:
(Do, Re, Me, Ti, La, Do, Re, Me, So, Fa, Do, Re, Me) =
(X, Square, Triangle, R1+Triangle, R1+Square, X, Square, Triangle, R1+X, Circle, X, Square, Triangle)
Good: A Powerful attach if u get all of the slots to (Yeah).
Bad: Hard to get

3- Aeris Gainsborough. Hmmm it's a really bad idea that Aeris dies, but it dosn't matter she is my third favorite charecter. Aeris's Limite Breaks are based on healing or helping the party (What a nice girl), so u should put her in the back when using her in battel so she won't die. She got 7 limite breaks, 2 to each lvl (1, 2, 3), and 1 to lvl (4).

(Level 1):
A) Healing Wind.
Aeris begins the game with this limit break, it's a pretty good limite break for a lvl1. This limite break restore the health of all the party members including her self, and the best thing is it dosn't cost Mp.
Good: Restore to the maximum health of all party members.
Bad: -------

B) Seal Evil:
U must use Aeris's heal wind 8 times to get this limit break. It's not as good as the first one, it just stop all of the enemies and make them silenc to a short amount of time.
Good: Stop ans silenc the eneimes.
Bad: Not as good as Healing wind.

(Level 2):
A) Breath of the Earth.
Aerith must kill 80 enemies to get this one. I don't like this one because it's kind of a watse, it just cure the party members of all negative statues like "Regen" and "Hyper". What if there was no negative staues whats going to happen? NOTHING.
Good: Diable all negative statues.
Bad: Nothing happen if there was no negative statues.

B) Fury Brand.
Aeris must use breath of the earth 8 times to get this limit break. Really cool limit break, I like using it, Aeris cast a wave of electrical energy that will fill all of the limit guages to each party member except her self.
Good: Fill the other 2 members limit guages.
Bad: Dosn't fill her own limit guage.

(Level 3):
A) Planet Protector.
Aeris must kill 180 from the beginig of the game to get this limit break. Not bad for a Lvl3 limit break. Aeris cast a protective barrier around her self and the other party members that will make them invulnerable for a short amount of time.
Good: Ahhhhh.
Bad: Ahhhh.

B) Pulse of life.
Aeris must use planet protectore 8 times. Really nice limit break, but theyu could do better for a level 3 limit break. It works the same as Healing wind except it refell the Mp bar with the Hp bar.
Good: Free Hp and Mp refell.
Bad: Nothing new.

(Level 4):
Great Gospel.
It's hard to get but follow my diresctions and you will get it for sure.
Make a party of 3 people, (Ex: Cloud, Tifa, and Aeris), You must have Aeirs in the party. Get the small buggy that u get from Gold Saucer, drive it to Costa Del Sol, go inside the town with it (Yeah you can actully drive inside the town with it) when you are in town take the ship for free and head to Junon, after u get there you will have the buggy with you and that will make the procees much easier.
Anyhows when you are in Junnon head north untill u reach the rever with the shallows that the buggy can cross, go in and you will find some old man house go inside it. You will find an old man inside sleeping, click on him and he will tell you how many battles did you fight. If he dosnt go out and then in agian and he will tell you (he will sleeping when hes talking). He'll never wake up only if the last two numbers of battles u fought are the same example let's say u fought (87 times) he wont wake up, (34) won't wake up, (122) will wake up, (177) will wake up, see the last town numbers are the same. Anyways is he does wake up he should give an items in disc 2 or 3 called "Lightinig ring" or "Mythril". You need the "Mythril", if he dint give it to you, you should wait until the last number of the battles u fought is the same and then go back again to him and he'll give to you. Afte getting it go to the small house of the Blacksmith at the south of Gongage area (Yeah you have to go all the way back using the ship). Talk to the man and give him the "Mythril" and he will let you open either of the boxes in his house, if you open the big box you will get the "Gold Armor" (No we dont need this). So open the other bpx and you'll get Aeris's lvl 4 limit break, but remeber that you need to know all of the other six limit breaks to use this item on Aeris. This limit break refell the Hp, Mp bars + make the whole party invisible for a fair period of time.
Good: Hp+Mp bars refell, and make the whole invisible.
Bad: Hard to get.