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Final Fantasy VII.
Story Line


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I can't say much about the storyline, it's just too complex to explain in a paragraph. The story revolves around Cloud,
a funny hair dude with big ass sword, a mercenary with a very shadowed past, and his friends. Cloud first appeared in the storyline when he was hired to do mission with Avalanche, a rebel group against the Shinra Company. Shinra Co. sells Mako to the people of Midgar, and other towns in the FF7 world. Mako is the energy from the earth, and buy selling so much Mako, Shinra is literally killing the planet. This was the only obstacle concerning the Avalanche group, but as the game progresses your ultimate goal ends up having to kill Sephiroth, a child borne from the cells of Jenova, or in other words a super human being. Sephiroth considers himself to be an ancient or Cetra early in the game, but later on you dig deeper into Sephiroth's and Jenova's history, and you learn otherwise from what you considered to be true in the beginning of the game. I will not say anymore about the story, because I wouldn't want to spoil for anyone who hasn't finished, or played FF7 yet. (Thats kind of ironic cause this whole site's really a giant spoiler ^_^;).