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Fan Fiction.


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Final Fantasy VII.

I read many ff7 stories and here are the best of them. Have fun!!!

A very nice story, one of the best, it's 2 stories in 1. About Tiffa and Vincent.
Aurthers: Brandon Coleman and Victor Colonna.
Source: Internet.
Rateing: 3.5/5

Read the story: Click Here

One of the best stories of all time. Its about what happens to the characters after the fall of Meteor and Aeris's death Very nice story.
Aurther: Frank Verderosa
source: Internet.
Rateing: 5/5

Read the story: Click here.

Chick this out, this guy is the best in making FF7 sories. He let me borrow some of his work. Have fun reading it.
Aurther: Christopher La Bianca AKA "Geode"
Sourse: Internet (Cheak his link in the links page.
Rateing: 25/25

"Final Fantasy 007: Gold Chocobo". Read the story. Click here.

"Final Fantasy 007: Jenova Never Dies". Read the story. Click here.h

Final Fantasy 007: Goldenmateria. Read the story. Click here.

Independence Day. Read the story. Click here.

The Summoned Monsters Favorite Pastimes... Read the story. Click here.