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Final Fantasy VII.
Fave Char.


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This Page is made only for my Fave Char.

Will guess whos my fave char!? ITS AERITH oh ya I used to like Vincent but then thought about it, cmon Aeris is cool shes the only good char who dies, and got all of those cool limit breaks,,, ANYWAYS Aeris is the best char in the game and no questions about it.

Yes, Aerith is dead. Following the course of the game, Aerith was killed by Sephiroth while summoning the power of Holy. She did in fact die that day. However, in failing to stop Sephiroth, the young woman's spirit refused to rest.
There were things left undone, and her friends needed her, so Aerith pulled together her will and emerged from the Life Stream. It has made her something of a ghost, but more in fact like a spirit - able to react and interact, but having no physical form. Aerith can be seen when she wants to be, and heard, but never touched. In dying she has come to know a host of powers she was totally unaware of in life.With these she aids her friends in any way she can, protecting them and preventing their home from being found by ShinRa. For all she's dead Aerith has not lost her spark or her laughter, and heals hearts as well as bodies still.