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Final Fantasy VII.


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Note: not all of the links get u to an FF7 site. Some of them get to a web site that I think is cool. Just read the information above the link and U'll now what am talking about!!!

Stop looking around spending 1-1000 hours looking for a demo, hack, crack, trainer, patch, free cheap looking games etc... here U'll find what Ur looking for!.

One of the best companies in the world the one who made FF7, FF8, FF9, PE1, PE2 and many other nice games!!!

Check out this "cool" web site, my friend made it. If you are looking for serial #'s for programs and some games like Diablo2 you should visit this web site.


Wanna read more of "Geode" stories? Click here and you will find them all.

If you want to learn more about hacking, or u want a fun msg board visit this site:

Here is a cool site, one of my freinds made it, and he got some cool files, go check em out.

Another HACKING site made by Nick, go check it out.

The best FF picture site ever, 1000s of pictures from FF1 to FF10, yo must Go there:

To lazy to upload new music on my site just go to this site and listen u guys: